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Jerusalem shall be made a praise in the earth. Prayer for the salvation of every unsaved Jewish and Gentile soul. Pray to herald the arrival of the Messiah by praying for every unsaved Jewish and Gentile soul.

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You may add up to five prayer requests per day to our global prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayers are received and reviewed, we will lift your prayer to God and share it with this worldwide prayer circle according to your instructions. Save your email confirmation so that you can let the world know when you have an answered prayer. Please enjoy the fellowship and sharing that this prayer portal can provide!

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Russ Hills

Jack Hall reported to me that his sister Peggy has cancer in 7 places in her body. Please join with us in taking a stand against this attack of the enemy.
Shalom & Aloha, Russ

Received on 07/17/2017 07:33:00 pm

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Calvin Kruse

I keep getting fatter and fatter, so please pray for me to lose weight.

Received on 07/16/2017 11:27:00 am

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Pray for me. Pray that God heals my shame and guilt. Pray that God show his presence in my life.

Received on 07/16/2017 07:31:00 am

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rpi Veres Árpi

Pray for me: i need a good job, a good professional. I need a nice, cute, kind,
Beauty wife in my life. Change my life. In Jesus name. Amen. God of man please Pray for me to have a good job here in my hometown for a good job. Because there are plenty of passes for debts accounts. I have to pay. I have financial difficulties. Send the Lord help money. So I can pay for all my passes. Pray for them with me! God man! And pray that my partner is the couple my wife will convert to the Lord Jesus Christ. Turn to him also to the Lord. And to be in daily contact with Jesus Christ. I pray you pray: I'm depressed unhappy angry jolly person. I want to be happy and be happy to be. To be filled with the Holy Spirit of God. I want to get rid of being out of anger. I want an immediate change over my entire life. And my financial problems are already solved. So that I can afford to pay! Dear Pastor! I beg you to pray for me. I abandoned my partner who was my partner was depressed, lonely. It is difficult to process this. I am full of pain, mentally. I am tense. Unhappy. I can not be happy about anything. I have no place to work. I'm broken. I see no way out. I'm full of debt. I have no money. I can not afford to pay my bills. There is no love in me. I am coldly emotionally. I am indifferent to everything. I do not care about anything. I'm disagreeing with me always bad. I can not make good decisions I can not decide in every situation. They're permanently wrong. All this happens to me as a Christian believer. I do not know what my sorry is, honored Sándor but I'm really bad. Something I do not do well. I fail in everything. There is no change. It's like a curse is sitting on me. I often tend to come back. To my old secular mind. Sins. Many times I look back, though I know this is not good. Many sin are falling. Burning Anger Faulting Bonding. Fornication. Masturbation. Lie. Laziness. Negligence. Melancholia depression. Lack of money. Immorality. Spawning. Legislation. He loves his absence. They often characterize them now. I want to be free. It's a breakthrough. Release. Recovery. Only Jesus Christ alone can help me. To restore my life situation. Help. Pray for me. Be a good testimony of God restoring my life. God blesses you. Pray for me, please help. My girlfriend, was abandoned by my partner. My girlfriend was my bride. Name: Mónika Tanko. I want him to turn back to Jesus Christ now. And to come back to become a converted Christian woman. Let us be peace love love understanding understanding pleasure happiness. Everything changes between us. Turn right to Jesus' name. restoration. break-through. now. Amen. And Pray for the relationship to be restored. My girlfriend is called Mónika Tanko. To restore the relationship we have brought back. Love love peace pleasure forgiveness. Let us walk with God with each other. Prayer my intentions. Amen.pray Please More: I want you to come back to me here as soon as this week. Loving and restoring him whose name is Monika Tanko. Pray now that God should move in and restore the relationship between us. I do not even know how to work. My girlfriend. I'm desperate. God needs to restore God.If god you are now aficionado and moves in this prayer prayer. And a new beginning will come between us. Love love peace restoration is united. understanding. We have repeatedly fought each other. There was much debate. disagreement. He was a beginner Christian was more mature. We were fighting a lot in little things. They abandoned. I want to get started again. Forgiveness with each other. This is humanly impossible now. God has to restore our relationship. Be love love forgiveness peace pleasure agreement understanding. Let us walk both in the utmost of Christ. Together and with each other. Let's start between us. I want this. Let's pretend this. God is not impossible. Which is impossible for man to be possible to God. He is the Lord who can restore everything. Our couple relationship. Pray for that, too. God act.She was my former co-worker. My last couple. My ex bride. Christian woman. Yes. It will blend it. He is also baptized. Yes. Pray for me And my girlfriend Mónika Tanko. Between love Peace Forgiveness And the new beginning. Restored my relationship. In Jesus name Amen.

Received on 07/10/2017 03:45:00 am

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rpi Veres Árpi

Please pray for me. My partner who was my partner was abandoned. He left and
abandoned me. I also have no money I have no job I have nothing to do I'm happy
in my life. I want peace to love happiness. I want the Holy Ghost to feel a fire
in everyday life. in my life. Force fervent joy from all that removes from the
Lord. I need a Christian true Christian and living a beautiful wife. Who meets
all of these conditions:I would rather call it, "Five aspects on which to
determine whether it is God, to me is the person when I am looking for my
1. Have a true God converted child.
2. To love God more than anything else, even to me.
3. It is important that we can pray and study God's Word together. If there is
no tendency to do so, you should not proceed in any way.
4. The relationship with him must be brought closer to God. I have to be very
sensitive here, because I can easily deceive myself. Did I get close to or moved
away under her influence?
5. Will I be able to promote that person? So keep stepping on continuously,
without bothering me to move up and up?
It is very important for this to work back in the same way.
Then imagine how long they can lift each other, that couple! They will continue
to evolve.
This must be understood in all areas, but above all in the service of God's
work.I need such a wife who meets those conditions. Who is from God for me. Pray
now for all my intentions.Yes. I trust the Lord. I'm waiting for her to act.
Help me out. Give wisdom. So that I can make a decision on everything. Bless me
in everything. I'd like this. God move and step on me.

Received on 07/09/2017 02:25:00 pm

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Please pray for me that I would like to get back with my ex-boyfriend I've learned a lot through our break up a lot of my behaviors deep introspection of not taking responsibility prioritizing I have been irresponsible and an alcoholic didn't listen and I would like another chance one more chance with him because I love him so much I cried my heart out the Lord knows my pain I pray that he would have a compassionate forgiving spirit genuine love unconditional love for me because we really did get along but I made so many mistakes and he lost the connection he has a bad impression about me and a lot of anger and resentment but I pray for favor I pray for him to love me again in peace I desire to be with him and I pray that he will be with me again and will continue to go to church together and all our dreams will come true

Received on 07/09/2017 05:34:00 am

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Beverly Clark

Please pray over my family and I, Matthew 18:19, stand in agreement. We need God's guiding hand, protection, and blessing. In Jesus Name

Received on 07/07/2017 02:20:00 am

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Dbb jude

Heal my Scizophrenia

Received on 07/05/2017 04:09:00 pm

I prayed for this

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Calvin Kruse

Please pray for me to have better peace of mind.

Received on 07/04/2017 09:30:00 pm

I prayed for this

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Phil Chavez

Bless Phil Chavez

Received on 07/02/2017 04:53:00 pm

I prayed for this

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Pray for all the people to get healed of cancer and for my hemorrhoid to heal and less headaches , thanks Yah bless

Received on 06/30/2017 09:54:00 pm

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Ron Arnow

Ranjit, a saved believer in Yeshua from India has a prayer for his 73 year old mother who has heart blockage. Pray for recovery.

Received on 06/30/2017 10:24:00 am

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keijo leppioja

Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess jesus blood in salvation and use own victims alot place of Scandinavian,thanks for helping,bless,keijo sweden

Received on 06/30/2017 07:09:00 am

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Stand in agreement with my request: The words says: The Lord saw that it was not good for man to be alone" and standing in that word I am praying for my husband to be.

Received on 06/26/2017 09:49:00 am

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Ioan tanase

Hi, all people of God please pray for my mom. She is suffering from sickness and other pain spiritually and physically. I know God will listen to all of your prayers and he will completely set my free and heal her, in Jesus Christ Name. Thank you.

Received on 06/23/2017 12:07:00 am

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